Change, Among Other Things

by Wheel & Frame

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Thank you to all of the people that have created such memories in my life, whether good or bad, which I can reach to for inspiration when writing music and sharing my thoughts.


released February 17, 2016

For this release, the artists, producers, and engineers that are featured consist of the following:

Mike Burkowsky - Production, Mixing
Steve Conzo - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Production, Songwriting, Vocals
Eric Gerhardt - Production, Mixing
Patt O'Brien - Drums, Production
Devin Wojtanek - Engineering, Guitars, Mixing, Production

Recorded between January and February 2016 at the Chip Hill Studios in Queens, New York and Patts Apartment in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Wheel & Frame is the brainchild of Steve Conzo.

Special thanks to John Tonelli.
Special thanks to Danny Santos.



all rights reserved


Wheel & Frame New York, New York

Wheel & Frame is the songwriting moniker of Steve Conzo.

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Track Name: Bandit
i think about the way
everyone sees you
myself i can’t complain
because i see it too

the party in the fall,
when you puked on your favorite shoes
screamed at me the entire way home
because i wouldn’t take them off for you

can’t fool the rest
everyone knows that you’re the biggest fake on this side of village
told me you went home to check on your mother but found out you’re on another adventure
walked by your roommate, said you were in trouble
in a jail cell somewhere in Carolina
i looked like a fool, when i called the department
they said that no one there was there with that name

i thought about the way
you played the whole family
cursing us to hell
i can picture you laughing
i can hear your mom crying
denying what the news says

it had come as a surprise
when you called me that morning
from a payphone on the outskirts of Nevada
begging for money
and for some kind of closure
as if we were more then just a random pair of strangers

i think about the way
i watched your trial online
we all gathered in the hall
as if it was election time

it got quiet when they said
you were going to jail for life
you had stolen a blue car
and stabbed the owner with a knife
Track Name: First Week Back
i wait and wait around like a blind man on a date
expecting to walk back into things as they were before oh
stupid me, who the hell do i think i am? insulting
her will to love with waiting around for me to come on home

come on home

kitchen floor,
i lay on the ground with this friend of my friends from college
i ask her things,
like how she likes new jersey and feels about me
she says I’m cute, but she can tell that i love the girl sitting in the great room
i say you’re right, but its something i must forget about and move on from

move on from

we’re in the pool
i can see you’re looking at me while I’m looking at you
you write me off, like i’m some kind of tool who’s just falling for you
but it’s okay, at least I have my friends to keep me sane
but its too bad things have had to work out this way

i’ll be ok